Hi! My name is Sanchit. I'm the idea person, creator, founder, support at Buzzvid right now.

Timeline so far

  • idea

    Side project

    16 Dec, 2019

    A Youtuber reviewed my side-project (called speakreader) and sent 212 new signups to my site. This was more than all the signups my project got from Reddit, facebook, Product hunt, etc.

  • beta

    First video

    22 Dec, 2019

    Ditched all my side projects and started working on making videos. But found it super hard to come up with ideas and being camera shy. Created my first top-10 video using Powerpoint and started experimenting with ways to get more views.

  • trophy

    Software idea

    21 Jan 2020

    After spending an insane amount of time on Youtube figured out that there was 8 type of videos that get a lot of views and traffic. The easiest way to get insane views (think millions of views) is by creating simple top-10 videos. People just love them. Also video thumbnail makes a huge difference.

  • trophy

    First beta

    21 Jul 2021

    Things slowed down due to Corona. But first prototype is now finally ready. Sent it out to 20 friends and some old customers to try it out. It took a lot longer than expected but everything turned out great. People are really lovin' it!