Buzzvid - The A.I. Video Maker

Buzzvid - The A.I. Video Maker

Turn any text into an amazing animated video!

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Marketing on YouTube is one of the best ways to get new leads and traffic for your business.

As our user Mark said:

I spent $50 on Google Ads, got 4 clicks and 0 signups. My YouTube videos (created with Buzzvid) on the other hand generated over 92,600 views with 174 new signups last month. I'm getting almost 7 or 8 new leads from YouTube every day now.

But making videos is hard. You need to brainstorm video ideas, write scripts, create animations, buy stock photos, record a voice-over and do lots of video editing.

Hiring designers on the other hand is super-expensive and can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars for a single video!

Introducing Buzzvid, the world’s only A.I. video maker that can convert any keyword or text into beautifully animated marketing video with graphics and voice-over - 100% automatically.

Yes Buzzvid's A.I. can create the whole video for you including coming up with viral video ideas, writing scripts, creating animations, adding graphics. It even does the voice-overs too!

In just 2 minutes you can create top-10 videos (pause), keyword videos (pause), article videos (pause), comparison videos (pause), quiz videos (pause), podcast videos (pause), newsletter videos (pause), affiliate marketing videos ( pause), video sales letters (pause) and more! Just type your keyword or text, and our A. I. will do the rest!

Click the button above to see how easily You can create these 8 different type of amazing videos with Buzzvid:

Buzzvid also comes with a fully featured online video editor to help you customize every single detail of your video including timing, fonts, special-effects and more. Please see the video editor tutorial for the full list of features.

We are also an official Zapier partner. Which means that your videos can be distributed to dozens of video and social sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Reddit, etc for free - 100% automatically. So you get even more leads and traffic for your business without doing anything extra!

One last thing, videos you upload on YouTube often end up showing in Google searches too. This can help you rank for some very competitive keywords in Google too.

One of our users Amit told us:

The first video that I created with Buzzvid started showing up in Google search within 24 hours of uploading it on YouTube. I didn't know this was even possible!

Buzzvid comes with a 14-day free trial. You can try all the features and create videos for free during your trial period.

It's time to generate lots of leads and traffic for your business with the power of video marketing.