Article to Video Maker

Create genuinely helpful info videos to educate your audience about product or niche. Build an instant rapport and authority with your audience

Channels like Brightside and BodyHub are generating millions of views and subscribers daily with this simple video formula.

Step 1

This is the keyword screen. Enter your target keyword.

For video content you have 3 options.

  • Buzzvid can search the internet for content related to your keyword.
  • You can use your own content by copy-pasting an article you already have.
  • You can import a blog post, news article by pasting its link here.

Select how you would like to add content, then Click next.

Step 2

Buzzvid's has found hundreds of articles related to our keyword.

Pick any article you like and click Next.

Step 3

Buzzvid has fetched and imported the selected article.

Here are some tips for making good article videos:

  • Always use short sentences.
  • Try to use bullet points often.
  • Get to the meat of the matter immediately. Like in the first or second line. This will keep your viewers engaged throughout.

Click Next when done.

Step 4

Buzzvid will now convert your article into a video-friendly format. It will also mark any long sentences that you may need to edit or rewrite into short sentences.

If you don't have time to edit the article by hand, use Buzzvid's A.I. to auto-summarize the article for you.

Google can now interpret both the text and audio inside a video. So Bold relevant keywords as shown here to increase relevance and improve your video rankings.

Further steps

The remaining steps are similar to the top-10 video.

You can skip the remaining steps and go directly to the next video if you like.