Video editor built for social media

Create highly engaging videos for social media right inside your browser.

Comes with in-built image and video search, hundreds of amazing special effects, and instant previews. Now you too can make amazing professional videos without having to learn complex video editing software.


The layout is similar to PowerPoint. Instead of having a one-long timeline, you can divide your video into more manageable slides.

This area is called the stage. This is where you put your text, image, video, etc using these buttons here.

You can resize or move these elements around using your mouse like this.

This area under the stage is called the timeline. It's tells the video editor when to show or hide each element. When you select an element it highlights its start and stop time. Like if I select this text, I can see it will start showing up at 2 seconds and then disappears at 4 seconds.

To get an instant live preview of your slide click this play button here or just press the space bar.

When you select an element, notice the buttons on the toolbar change too. You can use these to add animations, change font, add borders, shadows, filters and more.

Click outside an element to deselect it and restores the original toolbar buttons.

Buzzvid comes bundled with hundreds of text and image effects to make your videos look more professional and exciting.

To animate text, first select the text element. Then as the buttons change, click the special fx button here.

You can now choose your favorite text effect using these tabs here. You can also randomize the effects by clicking this option.

Like text, images and videos can be animated too.



You can add simple or ready-made animated text like this. There are hundreds of text effects to choose from. Use these buttons to format text like font style, gradients, shadows, filters, borders and more.


Buzzvid comes with a built-in image search engine. This means you get access to millions of searchable stock images to use inside your video.

You can also upload your own images too using this link here.


There is also a fully searchable stock video library with millions of videos. You can also use video clips from YouTube directly inside your own videos too.

Use this link to upload your own video, or record a video using your webcam.


To add narration you can use this computer generated voice option here. Buzzvid comes with hundreds of human like voices that can speak your text.

There is also an in-built voice recorder you can use to add your voice.

Buzzvid also has an in-built sound search engine with millions of searchable sound effects too.


Use this button to change the slide background. You can choose between color, image, gradient, etc.

You can also set the background for the entire video too (instead of each slide). To do that, click this Movie button here and then use this "Set movie background" link.


Make your video more manageable by diving each segment into its own separate slide.

To add a slide click this "Add slide" button here.

Instead of adding an empty slide you can also use a ready-made "Slide template" too.

Add slide transitions to make your videos more animated. Open the slide transition settings by clicking this dot here. Then select your favorite transition. You can check this option here to apply this transition to all slides.


Buzzvid comes with an in-built voice-recorder which you can use to add narration to your videos with a mic. Click this Movie button here and select "Add voice narration".

Then click the "Start recording button" here and just speak into your mic to record your voice as the video preview plays.

Background music

Click the movie button and select the "Add music track" button to add a background track to your video. Buzzvid comes with hundreds of Youtube-friendly music tracks which you can use directly inside your videos.

Advanced options

To change the movie size click the Movie button. You can switch between a Wide, Square or Vertical size.

Use this tab to add a custom watermark to your video.



Select the text field. Hover your mouse over these buttons to see hints. Use these icons to change font, color or highlight. Instead of a solid color you can also create a gradient text like this.

To add a background to your text, click this button here and select a text background. A gradient or image background will help make your text stand out more.

Use these buttons to add text shadows and borders.

Use this FX button to animate text and add text effects.

Image and Videos

Buzzvid comes with an in-built image editor using which you can do basic image editing right inside the editor.

Use this image scaling option to maintain your image's aspect ratio when resized.

Use this remove background button to make your image transparent.

Use this image filter button to apply filters like brightness, contrast, sepia effects.

Similar to text you can also add shadows, border to your image and videos too.

Use this FX button to animate your images.


There are two ways to add a sound in your video. The first option is to attach a sound to an existing element.

For example if we want to play a sound when this text appears in our video we can attach a sound to it using this button here. You can add a sound effect using our sound library or use the text-to-speech engine to actually read the text like this.

The second option is to create an audio element like this and then position it inside the timeline. This is useful when you want to play the sound independently of other elements.

Positioning elements

Use this special layer button to position elements in front or back. These special buttons here allow you to quickly center or size the elements.

Publishing your video

Click this 'publish button' here to upload your video to YouTube, Facebook and other video and social sites.