Podcast to video

Buzzvid's A.I. can transcribe your audio files and turn simple Mp3s into visually engaging animated videos.

Which means, now you can upload your podcasts to YouTube as stunning animated videos. Increase your reach and get more leads and traffic without doing any extra work.

Step 1

Upload your Mp3 file with the audio.

Optionally, if you have a text transcription of your audio, please paste it here to improve transcription results.

Enter a keyword related to your podcast and click Next.

Step 2

Click Next to begin the audio transcription process.

Buzzvid's A.I. will now transcribe your audio file and create the video frames for you. It may take a few minutes depending on the length of your audio file.

Step 3

As you can see Buzzvid has created video slides for each sentence.

It's now time to add some images to your video. Click the auto-assign button and Buzzvid's A.I. will automatically find and assign relevant images to each slide.

You can also use the buttons under each slide to customize images, change slide layout or preview that slide.

Press Next to go to the next screen.