Product review video maker

To get the best value for money, people often use YouTube to find product reviews or alternatives before buying.

Get in front of these targeted leads by making product comparison videos. Educate and inform viewers about the popular choices to build trust and authority.

You can even include your own product in the comparisons to explain how your products is better, and siphon this laser targeted traffic to your own business.

Step 1

Enter the product type or category. Like email marketing software, home theatre system, TV, etc.

Please make sure you enter the product type or category but not the actual product on this screen.

Click Next.

Step 2

Add at least two product names you wish to compare. For email marketing software we can use Aweber and Sendy.

To help the viewers connect quickly, upload a product photo or logo using this button here. Buzzvid comes with an inbuilt page capture tool which makes it easy to take screenshots of websites, tweets, etc in 1 click like this.

You can add up to 4 products using this button here.

Buzzvid's A.I. will also try to give you some suggestions here. Click on a suggestion to add it to your list.

Step 3

Here we add the criteria or features using which you will compare the products.

Most people want to compare Price, Quality, Ease of use, and Customer service.

Enter at least 3 comparison criteria and click Next.

Step 4

Tell the viewers why you think this comparison criteria is important for the product.

For eg, if your criteria is Price you can say something like "While both services are affordable, people who want to have a big list need to be very careful"

Then describe how each item does with respect to that criteria by filling these boxes here. For example, I can say "Aweber starts out cheap but as your list grows so does your bill." "Sendy has a big upfront price, but it's a one-time cost, and you never have to worry about your list size."

Then pick the winning product for that criteria. Click Next

Step 5

Your video needs a good hook to grab the viewer's attention.

Buzzvid generates hundreds of such attention grabbing hooks for you. You can select your hook from this list or write your own.

Type your final product recommendation here in this box.