Top 10 video maker

Top 10 or listicle videos are one of the best ways to generate a lot of views and traffic quickly. YouTube's most successful channels like Buzzfeed, Watchmojo, Screen rant have used these type of videos to get millions of views and subscribers.

Now you too can make such videos for your own product or website by just typing a single keyword.

Step 1

This is the keyword screen. Enter your main keyword here and press Next.

Quick tip: Generic keywords work better than specific keywords. For example, if you sell golf clubs use "golf" instead of "golf clubs".

Step 2

Based on the keyword, the A.I. will now generate hundreds of viral listicle ideas for your video.

These ideas are grouped into different categories as you can see here.

Select an idea from any category and click Next.

Step 3

Enter the number of items and type of item here.

For example, in this demo video about the "top 3 golfers in the world", the number of items is 3 and type of item is a golfer.

Step 4

Now it's time to fill the list. Type each item on your list here.

Buzzvid's A.I. will also give you some suggestions as you can see here. Click on a suggestion to add it to your list.

To make your videos more interesting, you can add some trivia about each item here. For example, some lesser known fact about this item, or the reason why you have put this item in this spot, etc.

Click this button here if you want the A.I. to automatically generate some trivia for you.

Press next when you have filled all items.

Quick tip: Short text looks better in videos. So please make sure all your sentences are less than 140 characters.

Step 5

Rich media like images and video clips can make your videos come alive. So in this step we will add some images for the text in your video.

Buzzvid's A.I. can automatically do this step for you. Just click this "Do it for me" button here. Then select your favorite media search engine. Use this creativity slider to set how unique or creative you want the results to be and click this Start button. Buzzvid will now automatically find and add relevant images and clips to your video.

You can add images by hand too. Just select a relevant image for each sentence then click Next.

Use this Search / Upload tab here if you want to search images by keywords. You can upload your own videos or images using this link here.

Step 6

The whole point of video marketing is to get new leads and traffic for your website or product.

In this step you motivate the viewers to take action by offering them some bonuses or freebies in exchange for visiting your site. Enter the details like the name of bonus, landing page URL, photo here. Click this button here if you wish to add more than 1 bonus.

This step is 100% optional, and you can skip it if you want.

Step 7

It's time to add a voice-over to your video.

The fastest way to do this is by using a computer generated voice. Buzzvid comes with hundreds of amazing human sounding voices that can narrate your video for you.

You can record your own voice too. First click the Mic button then speak this sentence on the screen. "Tiger Woods." Click Next to save your recording and go to the next sentence. "Rory McIlroy." Do this for all sentences until you're done.

Step 8

The first draft of your video is ready!

Choose from these hundreds of video presets to decide the final look of your video. We have a lot of theme too designed like business videos, kids videos, seo videos, etc.

Click this button here to add a video watermark. You can also change the font, add special effects, set music for your video using these buttons here.

For example, to customize the title text animation just click this button here and select any animation you like.

Step 9

This is the contact screen. Add your contact info here to tell viewers about your website or social media accounts.

To increase brand awareness, you can add a logo or small animation at the start or end of the video using these buttons here.

Step 10

Your video is now ready for publishing. It's time to upload it to YouTube, Facebook and other social sites to start getting new leads and traffic.

Click the Publish button here to download the video Mp4 file with an eye-catching title and description. You can also embed the video in your blog posts.