Quiz video maker

Educate and engage your viewers with video quizzes.

A good video quiz should be lighthearted and informative. The goal isn't to make viewers feel like they're taking a test, but rather that they’re playing a game to pass the time.

Quiz videos often have high engagement rates which mean good search ranking and higher CTR. They also help in increasing trust and authority of your brand.

A lot of marketers also use Quiz videos inside blog posts to increase engagement and opt-ins rates.

Step 1

Enter your target keyword. Use generic keywords which people have some knowledge about instead of getting very specific.

For example if you sell mobile phones accessories, your keyword should be "mobile phones" or just "mobiles".

Step 2

Add a few interesting questions about your keyword.

Remember this is not a test, but a fun lighthearted way to engage your audience. Trivia questions, unbelievable- facts questions and socially relevant questions do much better than simple factual question.

Buzzvid will also try to find some interesting questions about your keyword to help you brainstorm.

To add more questions click this button here. To remove a question just leave the box blank or use this drop-down here.

You can optionally add a photo or video alongside your question as a hint or visual cue for the viewer.

You can make your questions multiple choice or single answer. When creating multiple choice questions, make sure to mark the correct answer like this.

Step 5

Your quiz needs an inviting hook to grab the viewer's attention.

Buzzvid generates hundreds of such attention grabbing hooks for you. You can select your hook from this list or write your own.

This text is used as the text to announce the correct answer. You can leave it as-it-is.