Video sales letters

Get your product's pitch, benefits and demo quickly across to your prospects with the power of video.

Add a video sales letter on your website or landing page to boost your sales and conversions.

Step 1

Type your target keyword here. Your main keyword helps Buzzvid to find relevant images for your video.

Type your video script here. Make sure your script contains the following:

  • Identify the problem
  • Mention key benefits
  • Explain the solution
  • Call to action and bonuses

We had added many fill-in-the-blank VSL scripts that you can access using this button here.


  • Short text always looks much better in videos so keep all sentences under 140 characters.
  • Add a paragraph tag to each line by pressing the Enter key to demarcate the slides like this.

Step 2

As you can see Buzzvid has created video slides for each sentence.

Click the auto-assign button to let Buzzvid's A.I. to automatically find and assign relevant images to each slide.

Similarly, click this "Add voice-over" button here to generate a voice-over for your video. You can use a computer generated voice or record your own voice as explained in the previous videos.

Use these buttons under each slide to customize images, change slide layout or preview that slide.